The Previews
Now we can show you peole some previews as they are available.


Here is a picture from the gamecube zelda.

Mario Party Cube?

Nintendo is working on a Mario Party game designed completely for online gaming. When you start, you start in a much similar way as in Mario 64 with a HUGE castle in front of you and the details are just pure magic. You have to go to a ticket booth to sign in your name and character and when you start to play your character is often talking to you about who is coming first and last and so on.

Sounds good to me!

Zelda Cube?
Romour is out that Miyamoto has been working on the new Zelda game since 1998and won't be finished until 2005!

So if you take into consideration that he spent at least half that long on the other Zelda titles and now with the power of the mean gamecube I'm sure he will make an AMAZING game.

Headphone Jack
Ok, Everyone knows that Nintendo is hiding something about the controller and I THINK I know what it is. A headphone jack in the controller. People saying its gonna be a Mic but why a big bulky Mic when you can have as mall headphone jack witch leads to a Mic and headphones???

Well that's just my theory.

Stunt Driver

Release Date:
Late 2001/Early 2002
Number of Players:
Rumble Pak:
Memory Pak:
This game has a track editor, Physics-defying stunts and very fast game play. It will probably set the path for other car racing games for the Game Cube and will be quite original.

This game is supposed to be "a whole new type of racing game" and this just may prove to be that because it is not going to be the next Formula One or Gran Turismo, and it doesn't try to be. Instead it totally ignores realism to be more like an arcade racing game. In Stunt Driver you can speed up steep slopes; navigate jumps, ramps and humps - all while catching massive air.

To add to the excitement, players will have to be able to use animated features like pop-up hydraulic ramps and mechanical swinging gates to their advantage.

The only realistic thing in the game is car damage. You will need to time your jumps so that they don't miss their landing or land to heavily - which will damage the car. Small things like a worn out tyre will effect the handling of the whole car. Driver options and tuning aids will ensure that players of all skill levels will experience maximum involvement and enjoyment.

Climax (the publishers) promises a minimum of six play modes including Championship, Single Race, and Scenario as well as many bonus and hidden modes. Team racing and co-operative play will be available and online support is already in planning (as in using your dolphin to surf the internet and look at the help site). The developers are paying much attention to detail as the game is expected to include time of day effects, changing weather, rain on windshields, windshield wiper animations, and even heat haze.

What is clearly going to be one of the best features in Stunt Driver. Normally, track creation has been almost completely separate from the actual aspect of racing in the game. Climax wants to merge the two together the way they should be. Imagine that you’re coming up on a hill or curve that you don’t like; or maybe you feel that there should be consecutive turns in place of a particular straightaway; you may possibly even desire a corkscrew ramp to be placed in a specific spot. With Stunt Driver, all these wishes can become a reality. The developers will allow the player to jump straight into the track editor, even from the middle of a race, and make modifications to the route. The player will then be able to return to the game, in real-time, and continue the race with the new track additions.

This game sounds pretty good on paper, but it may be a miserable failure when it actually comes out, so we can only hope.

Star Wars

Couldn't wait for a new Star Was game, could you? Well, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron will beat every single game of Star Wars there is! The Nintendo 64 version, was released in late 1998 and enabled players to take on the role of Luke Skywalker as he zipped his X-Wing through a series of ground based missions. This is a follow up to the game. But for one thing, the graphics are awesome! In a recent demo, the GameCube cut-scene's X-Wing ships were composed of more than 30,000 polygons each, with an additional 4,000 polygons devoted to pilots inside.
Now that's cool! Even the planets that they zoom by are made up of one texture! If you didn't hear me, that's "1". Top that PlayStation 2! Nothing much else to say due to its early development stages, so expect more from E3 2001 when LucasArts blows the lid off its best-kept secret.

Luigi's Mansion

In a Haunted Mansion, just where you expect to find the Scooby Doo Gang, think again. All you see is one scared plumber with an Italian look and dressed in his green suit with blue overalls. Wait an minute? Luigi? Where's that fat plumber they call Mario? Maybe he's busy saving the princess from Bowser, but this game is focused on his less know brother, Luigi.

I could be wrong. This can be simply a level in a new Mario game, but be prepared, the levels are going to be huge! About 120 times the data of Super Mario 64 is rumored for this game, so have fun if it is going to be a level.

Hopefully, whatever is planned from Shigeru Miyamoto, the brilliant mind behind the Mario series, its going to be one heck of a game, even if Mario is in it, I would like to play this game.

Resident Evil

As my favorite gaming series, Evil is back, and its looking meaner then ever. I really mean it because its coming out for the GameCube, and since its going to be very detailed, we all know Capcom can bring us horror really well!

The story begins before Resident Evil 1. You will be cast in the role of Rebecca Chambers this time around as she's thrown into a world of horror and mystery surrounding the Umbrella Corporation. Zero is our chance to find out how all of those zombies, dogs and other mutants in the first Resident Evil got so popular around
Raccoon City. This time though, there's a major twist in gameplay as you blast those zombies.

There is going to be another player in Resident Evil for the GameCube. A fellow seen lurking around various screenshots of the game, we hear his name is Billy, and is believed to be the second character that you'll need to control to help Rebecca complete the mission. Whether or not players can switch back and forth between Becky and Bill in real time is unknown, but this is a huge wrinkle on the RE franchise that should open up a lot of new gameplay ideas.

Furthermore, characters can drop and pick up useful items without having to find those cursed bottomless trunks, because those things were never around when you needed them. It always seemed kind of silly that the same game that let you miraculously recover from mortal flesh wounds by eating wild herbs wouldn't let you just drop that ink ribbon or crank handle whenever you wanted.

All I have to say is that once this game hits the shelf's, I am going to be there with money to get it. I can't wait!