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The Gameboy Advance.
Are you ready for the ultimate portable gaming experience? You'd better be, because on June 11, 2001, Nintendo will release the next evolution in the world's most popular video game system: Game Boy Advance.

Nintendo announced the release date at Toy Fair 2001 in New York City. The system was originally scheduled to roll out later in the summer, but huge demand prompted the moved-up date. We still can't wait, but this great news means we'll get our own Game Boy Advance even quicker!

If you thought Game Boy Color made a radical leap in hand-held entertainment, just wait until you feel the power of Game Boy Advance's 32-bit color graphics and intense new horizontal design. The screen is bigger, but it's just as compact as Game Boy Color. The addition of L and R Buttons add increased control, taking your gameplay experience to the next level.

There's virtually nothing that Game Boy Advance can't do. It is fully compatible with all pre-existing Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. Four — not two — FOUR Game Boy Advances can link up for incredible multiplayer action, occasionally requiring just one Game Pak. For certain games, Game Boy Advance will have the ability to serve as a Controller for Nintendo GameCube as well. Are you beginning to see the potential here?

Game Boy Advance represents the future of hand-held gaming, and that future is almost here. Game Boy Advance will be released in the United States in June, shortly after Japanese gamers will experience the excitement of this new hardware in March.

Advanced Comparison

Get your brain cells prepped for some advanced mathematics. These specs for Game Boy Advance reveal just part of the story, but it's easy to see what you have to look forward to by comparing Game Boy Advance to Game Boy Color.

Game Boy Advance Game Boy Color
CPU 32-Bit ARM with embedded memory 8-bit Z80
Screen 2.9" TFT reflective screen

240x160 resolution

40.8mm x 61.2mm screen size

32,768 possible colors

511 simultaneous colors in character mode; 32,768 simultaneous colors in bitmap mode
160x140 resolution

32,000 possible colors

56 simultaneous colors
Size (mm) 82mm(L) x 144.5(W) x 24.5mm (D) 75w x 133h x 27d
Weight 140g 138g
Power 2 AA batteries 2 AA batteries
Battery Life 15 hours 10 hours
Software Cartridge format

Game Boy and Game Boy Color compatible Cartridge format

Game Boy compatible

Here Is a pic of the Nice Gameboy Advance.